Alright, so now that we’ve entered the wild, wild world of blogging, my hubster and I have been discussing which way to go – meaning who’s going to be the target audience for this blog?  Ideally when you blog, you should probably write for your own amusement or cathartic release, but because there is so much out on the web about frugal living, frugal lifestyles, tips, advise and tons of budget how-to’s, the question really is, “What persona will this blog have?”.

The long and short of it is that I am a mostly conservative, practical, and down-to-earth kinda gal – most would think. But when you really come down to living the day-to-day existence that requires saving a little here, spending a little there, and saving even more in the not-so-distant future, then what I find is, well…people tend to think you are a little bit weird.  This shouldn’t come as a shock. We all know that we just can’t spend wildly, especially when every one is concerned with making ends meet these days. So why the side glances or whisperings of “she’s a little bit odd”? Hey, don’t we all want a nice little bank roll to whip out when we want to splurge on a rainy day or a vacation we’ve been wanting to take?  Hell, what about the little emergencies that happen sometimes a little too often that we aren’t quite prepared for? 

What I find is that the issue of frugal living (when it’s spoken about in “normal” circles of folks) kinda hits on a nerve about our consumer habits.  No one wants to be reminded that they are living a bit beyond their means. It strikes directly to our core that we aren’t living the proverbial “American Dream” quite as well as we think. But the fact of the matter is this: life happens.  You can have it all, but only when you take a step back, assess what you have and appreciate it without having to add to it like it’s an addiction.

Each person knows intimately what they have for debt. I’ve been there tons of times like everyone else. What this blog is about is slowing getting out from under it by appreciating what you have, taking care of the things you own and being creative sometimes when it’s either called for or wanted. Debt isn’t insurmountable. Shocking…I know. It just sometimes seems as if it is.

If someone sees an idea here that gets them a little bit closer to getting that debt paid down, or paid off, and has fun in the process, then that is a success to me. I’ve been in debt and also debt free. I’ve been totally broke and trying to live on a meager income and I’ve worked my behind off to finally see my family get a bit ahead in our finances.  It’s appreciating the ride and sharing the knowledge so someone else can get through today a little bit easier and maybe with a little more hope than they had yesterday, knowing that they will be financially “ok” in the end.  I’m not an extremist, but I certainly know that sometimes situations call for “discipline”.  That’s where my upbringing and military background joyfully merge. Ok, it helps that I’m a bit geeky too and enjoy all this penny pinchin’!

So, that’s my rant for today.  Sorry if the soapbox came out….I just get passionate about always moving towards the goals we’ve set for ourselves. Here’s hoping there are more “weird”, frugal folks out there too that like tons of ideas about saving money. By the way…Nice to meetcha’!  :0)