Today, I thought I was going to learn a very valuable lesson, but come to find out it was one I already knew. I listened to some so called “experts”.  They flashed their know-how, waived the American flag and imparted all their hard-won “wisdom” upon the crowd.  But as I was listening to these experts it dawned on me – that the answers I thought I would get in the way of their wisdom, ended up being my Nan’s.

What worked for the crowd may have been the answers that the masses needed.  But what this down-to-earth girl learned was my Nan’s voice, even now gone over 10 years, ended up out-silencing the loud, flashy, politically-correct wisdom that they were selling at a feverish pitch. They preached about success and good traits to have such as kindness, loyalty and integrity – all good traits to embody. But by the time we left, the lesson that resounded in my heart and mind, was that we need to be true to ourselves. At the end of the day, you can mirror, copy and exemplify all the successful traits you can muster, but when you lay your head down on your pillow at night, you better be following your own conscience and following your own “plan of attack”.

Ya know, my old’ nan was a very wise woman. This piece of wisdom is nothing new. Her advice through all of my years with her came down to one sentence, “Do what you want to do in life and get on with it ‘gal!”.  NO amount of other people’s wisdom can map out your life. It just simply takes doing it.

Very simple.  Very humbling.  Very timely.  Nan, I miss you ‘gal.  :0)