For fun, here’s a quick list of A to Z that I copied (sort of) from over at  Check out her link if you get a chance, she’s got some good info on all kinds of eco-friendly products and topics.


Age: 43, but it never seems to amaze me that each year it’s 29 that gets celebrated.  Hmm, funny about that.
Bed size: Queen size, but have always wanted to go King.  Still and all, Queen is pretty cozy with the hubster.
Chore I hate: Putting away laundry. Not sure why.  Just do.
Dogs: Henri, a mini-dashund, aka “the Pupster” and the newest love of my life.
Essential start to my day: Coffee and a hot shower. Not necessarily in that order.
Favorite color: Most shades of purple or green.
Gold or silver: Does white gold count?
Height: 5’5” and ½”.  And every bit “a good ole-fashioned broad”.
Instruments I play: Voice mostly, but played violin for 4 years and cello for 12.
Job title:  Aspiring entrepreneur. Oh yea and military veteran of 25 years with 3 more to go.
Kids: Two – Son and stepson. 20 years old and 6 years old, respectively.
Live: Rhode Island, Texas, Florida and Japan. Cool, huh?
Mother’s name: Andrea. Andy.
Nicknames: G, Georgie, Jorgygirl, George.
Overnight hospital stays: Only during labor and delivery.  I try to avoid that place for any other reason!
Pet Peeve: Selfish people, people who aren’t “shower fresh”, bad drivers, and people that don’t pick up their phones at work, but answer emails right away.

Quote from a movie: “Sparta!”
Right or left handed: Left mostly, but catch, use scissors and knives with my right. OH yea, I shoot right handed too. Yes, guns.
Siblings: Two younger brothers.
Time I wake up: 5:40. But don’t get out of bed until 6 a.m. NOT a morning person!
Underwear: Yep.  Daily.
Vegetable I hate: Eggplant and mushrooms.
What makes me run late: Daydreaming about working at home each day.
X-rays I’ve had: Dental, Mammograms and an MRI on my lower back.
Yummy food I make: I make a pretty mean pasta sauce and stir-fry, or so my hubster says so.
Zoo animal: No faves here but, if it’s cute, I’m a sucker for wanting to take one home.