Lately, I’ve been thinking of spending – how much comes in and how much goes out on. There’s a blog I read occasionally by Angela Barton, a well known blogger that joined The Compact and writes about her own personal year without spending. My thoughts go from the extreme concepts of taking that vacation of a lifetime or just selling everything that pretty much doesn’t move in the house and banking the money. My hubster and I are pretty fortunate in this economic downturn to have two really secure jobs.  It amazes me that we’ll both be retiring from the military and “transitioning” to civilian life within the next 7 years; luckily not at the same time. With our savings plan already in motion and our goals set before us, it still leaves me feeling like we need to de-clutter our minds, attitudes, bodies and living spaces.  Enter The Compact – the concept of not spending for an entire year.

I personally tried it at the beginning of 2011 and didn’t get past the first couple of months.  But lately life is starting to feel like it’s getting shorter and shorter and there’s an awareness of how much we really need during our journey here on this planet. Maybe it has something to do with my birthday this month or maybe it’s because the holidays are here; not sure. Either way, most folks I speak to about this subject agree that they too, want to de-clutter their homes and save more money.

My challenge to you is to consider setting up some form of The Compact for yourself and/or your families. It’s not an easy challenge. It doesn’t have to encompass the entire pact. You can create your own version whether it be for a week, month or year. The idea is to reuse, reorganize and re-purpose.  It’s more about appreciating what you have before you buy more. Good concept, right?

Let me know your thought on a year of no spending…

What to do, what to do….guess we’ll have to see what the New Year brings in.  :0)

If you want to know more about Angela’s blog, here it is: