It’s been quite some time since the last post.  There’s been some discussion about changing the name of this blog to something more catchy, but after some careful thought, the result was to stay true to the intention of this blog: the teachings of my grandmother who raised a family during The Great Depression.  It was during my early teen years that my Nan impressed upon me the lesson of enjoying life while being thrifty. It has had such a lasting impact upon my life,  that it has become a passion and (sometimes) obsession. In following this lifestyle, there have been many times when I was mocked and misunderstood.  I was often times described as weird, but that’s okay. Weird is good. So good in fact, that it led to my husband and I paying off all debt to include our mortgage in just under 3 years! No small accomplishment by any means. I have since retired from my full-time job and can now stay at home and work on my already established part-time business while diving back into this blog. There are future goals to be achieved: writing an e-book, learning more about investing, travel, and maybe an on-line business. These are blessings and I don’t take them for granted. It is this gratitude that serves as a foundation for this blog.  I am always willing to share her and my story, encouragement and advice. I think my Nan would be proud. And you know what? At the end of the day, that’s what matters the most.