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I am a retired military person/wife/mom, who was fortunate enough to be influenced by two amazing grandmothers: one from England and one from the U.S. Both raised families through The Great Depression and both greatly impacted my life with their hard-learned lessons on how to live frugally, but well. Now I’m using those same principles to achieve financial freedom for my own family using their down-to-earth, common “cents”, practical wisdom.  You are invited to follow as me and my family journey towards Financial Freedom.


P.S. – I am not a financial adviser or investment expert. I’ve spent time researching the articles that may show up occasionally on this blog and make good faith effort to use current information from reliable web, book and local resources. Unless it happily coincides with your own personal financial adviser and/or viewpoints, don’t interpret any of the information on this site to be professional. My wish is that each person makes his/her own decision(s) when it comes to personal finances. Thanks.


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